Program Outline

The DCS Community Initiative is an outreach program looking to link the North Coast lesser
privileged athletes with the Dolphin Coast Striders Running Club. Although the program is
not new to our club, we are looking to spring some fresh life into it and any support from
our members is welcome.

Benefit Links are available at the bottom of the page. Take a minute of your time to read through the amazing plan for 2023.

  • The 2023 Year

    For the 2023 year, we have chosen 20 athletes to represent Dolphins in their community with the goal being to educate the athletes on various training programs, helping them understand the training process and how they can get the most out of their running journey going forward.

  • Running expertise of the sponsored runners

    We are asking the sponsored athletes to become mentors within the community and help other athletes within their circles along the way with the help of our running coach and Sponsored Runners special Committee. The program holds the potential to change lives within our surrounding communities and promote the sport that we are so passionate about from a "grass roots" level upwards.

  • What it takes to sponsor a runner

    ● DCS Club Membership, training programs and mentorship.
    ● ASA licence number
    ● Club kit
    ● A pair of shoes per annum (To a predetermined max value)
    ● Race entries
    ● Transport to specific events and club catering at events
    ● Tickets to social clubs events

  • We estimate that the cost to sponsor this per runner is roughly R5000 per annum, depending on the specific requirements of each individual.

    We are certain that, thanks to this initiative, we are able to provide these athletes the opportunity to focus on racing to the best of their ability and enjoy the sport they love without the financial burden that it would naturally incur.

Long term goal

Our main focus right now is to ensure the current sponsored runners have all their
needs taken care of, feel valued by our club and supported by our mentors.

The longer term plans are as follows:

We would love to grow the DCS Community Initiative year on year allowing more athletes to be linked to the Dolphins helping us uplift the community through sport.

We would like to set up a few community races to encourage athletes that do not have the opportunity to race to work towards a goal. This will also give us an opportunity to look for local talent for future sponsorship and upliftment.

Through the success of the program, we would like to eventually offer performance based “Elite Sponsorships” to select few runners who would get more personalised training and even better opportunities to perform at the top end of the sport (Coaching, Travel to races, Allowance etc.).

  • As a DCS Member you are in the perfect position to get involved in the program
    through sharing any ideas, contacts or plans you may envision from the above
    outlined initiative.

  • You also have the option of contributing financially (See below) to the sponsorship on a personal or corporate basis knowing that any funds provided will go towards further growing this program and providing more runners from less privileged backgrounds the opportunity to share their love for running with our Club.

  • If you have any further questions or
    suggestions, feel free to email or reach out to any club committee members.

Donation Options

R100 per month

Small Sponsorship

R500 per month

Medium Sponsorship

R1000 per month

Large Sponsorship

Any amount per month

Custom Sponsorship

Any amount

Single donation